ARL Lab offers Bioinformatics, Health informatics and Data Science services as part of the Integrated Informatics Services (IIS) core, Center for Collaborative Research in Health Disparities (CCRHD), Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico (MSC–UPR). IIS-CCRHD core goal is to provide a single point of contact to assist researchers and clinicians with the general aspects of Bioinformatics, Health Informatics and Data Science services to support Biomedical Research. For more information about the core, click here

List of services

We offer a broad range of support and consultations:

Health Informatics

  • REDCap for assisting research
  • Develop new software, websites and databases



  • Gene / Protein Expression Analysis
  • Gene Expression Analysis – RNAseq
  • Microbiome Data Analysis
  • SNP and Admixture Analysis
  • Protein Modelling and Docking Analysis


Biomedical Data Science

  • Data Cleaning and Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data and Visualizationd
  • Applications of AI/ML for the prediction of patients' diagnoses and treatments



The prices for services not subsidized by the RCMI program are billed in an hourly rate of $25.00-125.00 per hour. The prices will be evaluated depending on the size and complexity of the analysis. During the project, you will receive detailed billing updates, weekly analysis reports and ongoing analysis. Service should be initially requested by  > CCRHD E-Ticket System . A meeting with the IIS director and the specialists will be set to discuss the details.