General research topic

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning applied to precision medicine in minority health and health disparities focused on the Hispanic population.


Ongoing Research Projects


  • AIM-AHEAD Consortium Develpment Project to Advance Health Equity: 
    • Machine Learning Methods for Identifying Reference Intervals of cardiometabolic Related Laboratory Test for Hispanics Populations
    • PI: Dr. Abiel Roche-Lima



  • AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowships
    • Awardee: Drs. Eduardo Tosado & Ariana Melendez
    • Mentor: Dr. Abiel Roche-Lima
  • AIM-AHEAD Pilot Project: Death Prediction in HPV cancer
    • PI. Dr Magaly Hernandez, Comprehensive cancver center 
    • Collaborators:  Drs. Abiel Roche-Lima, Josue Perez & Jonathan Hernandez
  • AIM-AHEAD Pilot Project: AI for apps of older Latinos with Disabilities in Daily activities
    • PI: Carmen Lamoutte, Wovenware Inc.
    • Collaborators: Drs. Abiel Roche-Lima & Elsa Orellano



  • AIM-AHEAD Pilot Project: 
    • Identifying Reference Intervals of Cardiometabolic Related Laboratory Test for Hispanics Populations using Machine Learning Methods
    • PI: Dr. Abiel Roche-Lima 
  • AIM-AHEAD Research Fellowships
    • Awardee: Dr. Frances Heredia
    • Mentor: Dr. Abiel Roche-Lima
  • AIM-AHEAD PRIME Fellowships
    • Awardee: Mr. Eduardo Figueroa & Mrs. Frances Aponte
    • Mentor: Dr. Abiel Roche-Lima