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This study investigates the awareness and perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) among Hispanic healthcare-related professionals, focusing on integrating AI in healthcare. The study participants were recruited from an asynchronous course offered twice within a year at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus, titled “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied to Health Disparities Research”, which aimed to bridge the gaps in AI knowledge among participants. The participants were divided into Experimental (n = 32; data-illiterate) and Control (n= 18; data-literate) groups, and pre-test and post-test surveys were administered to assess knowledge and attitudes toward AI. Descriptive statistics, power analysis, and the Mann–Whitney U test were employed to determine the influence of the course on participants’ comprehension and perspectives regarding AI. Results indicate significant improvements in knowledge and attitudes among participants, emphasizing the effectiveness of the course in enhancing understanding and fostering positive attitudes toward AI. Findings also reveal limited practical exposure to AI applications, highlighting the need for improved integration into education. This research highlights the significance of educating healthcare professionals about AI to enable its advantageous incorporation into healthcare procedures. The study provides valuable perspectives from a broad spectrum of healthcare workers, serving as a basis for future investigations and educational endeavors aimed at AI implementation in healthcare. 

Keywords: AI; medical school; Hispanics; healthcare


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